Thorsten Burger

Digital transformation entrepreneur for about 20 years. Worked for big brands around the world as advisor, consultant, senior project lead and head within the financial industry, online banking, e-commerce and digital marketing. I am a digital asset & blockchain enthusiast living in Switzerland. All of my publications reflect my personal opinion and are no financial advise in any sense. Happy to connect via LinkedIn, Twitter

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Cryptocurrencies Who Is Who

As I get almost daily questions regarding cryptocurrencies, what will be the next big thing, what should you invest in, what is the technology behind it, what does it do and so on, I thought...

IOTA and the Internet of Things

What is IOTA?IOTA is a revolutionary new transactional environment and data integrity layer for the "Internet of Things". It’s based on a new invented architecture concept called the Tangle, which gets rid of the inefficient...


What is an ICO? – The ICO Beginners Guide

What is an ICO and Everything You Need to Know (For Beginners) ICOs & Cryptocurrencies have been a trend in the finance industry last year...

Wallstreetbets WSB – A comment on the latest events

A comment on the current Wallstreetbets / WSB events: Never underestimate a generation that grew up with World of Warcraft and organized coordinated battles online

What is Ethereum?

What is Ethereum?Ethereum is a digital currency and open blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology....

What is a Bitcoin Fork about?

What is a Bitcoin Fork and Why does it Happen?If you’re following the latest trends on cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, you might have heard of...

Ripple XRP still targets a SWIFT takeover

Don't underestimate Ripple and XRP! Even after altcoin prices have dropped, the Ripple coin still follows its masterplan which should keep investors pretty happy. Ripples...
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