Verge Fake News Attack

After horrible 24 hours, holders of the Verge coin experienced a painfull drop of the rising privacy coin giant. From an all time high of about USD 0.30, Verge dropped down to under USD 0.14. This time the reason for the drop was not just a correction after Verge jumped from one all time high to the next one – Verge was a target and victim of a shameful attack!!!

The attack itself was not prepared by building up huge selling walls but spreading fake news all over the social media networks such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc. As soon as the fake rumors have been spreaded on the internet, Verge holders started to bring up questions. To make a horrible story short, panic started to rise and many holders sold Verge as fast as they could, driven by fear as a result of the fake news!

A quick video on what happend:

As a response from the Verge team, we could read the following statement:

The person behind the article was removed a long time ago from the marketing team and obviosly could not handle this as an adult.

Its up to you all to draw your own conclusion, I personally are not going to waste time on this anymore

Negative energy is a waste of time, I hope for him that hé finds peace in his life, bassicaly its not a bad person

In fact the attack was timed perfectly executed on a release period of Wraith and during a holiday season where most Verge holders have set up automatic stop losses as they are away from their screens. Some might call it “part of the game” but back down to reality, it’s nothing less than a criminal act!

So is Verge crashing? The answer is simple – NO! We see a correction which needs to recover from a shameful attack, nothing more but nothing less.

What about the Wraith protocol they wanted to release and many holders are waiting for?
Verge XVG Wraith Release

The positive side of this story? People hopefully will handle possible upcoming cases as this one not with selling all they have, driven by panic. Verge had an outstanding performance this year and a correction or shameful fake news attack by criminal individuals will not kill a rising giant – It will make the giant stronger!


Thorsten Burger
Thorsten Burger
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