39 Years Old Man Sold All to Invest in Bitcoin

We all know Bitcoin is in its hype and people are going crazy to get themselves into the market of making money. We have been listening to statements made at different levels either Bitcoin will drop to $0 or reach $500000 in next couple of years with their own logics. However, today Didi Taihuttu, a 39 years old father of 3 children from the Netherlands sold his house, car, bike and other valuable items in order to invest in Bitcoin and waiting for a BOOM.

Prior to selling he and his wife returned from a world tour through Asia and Australia along with their 3 daughters.

Didi Taihuttus Facebook Profile to stay up to date:

Didi Taihuttu, says that “our family is very adventurous and we follow our feelings”. Hoping this feeling goes in a correct way and makes him right with expected returns. He began to mining Bitcoin in 2010 and since then he knows the value of virtual currencies. However, he says that he is not good at trading. During his travel he met people who were involved with digital currencies and got to understand the value at its best.

After selling all their belongings – they listed their home at 85 Bitcoins, the trade is still under negotiation stage. Initially his wife was scared if this move was right, now she along with his sister and brother accepted the decision. They will continue to wait and play around with Bitcoin investments till 2020.

Guest Article By Rupesh Shankar from Hapicrypto.com


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