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DANGER – The Bitcoin Bubble And Bitcoins Value


The next time some so called experts spread statements in the media related to crypto value, if it is a fraud or not, the Bitcoin bubble, without even having understood the basics of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, I think it is a good time to bring up some short “funny” facts no one is talking about when it comes to crypto bashing:

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Bitcoin Bubble - US Dollar

Thorsten Burger
Thorsten Burgerhttps://thorstenburger.com
Digital transformation entrepreneur for about 20 years. Worked for big brands around the world as advisor, consultant, senior project lead and head within the financial industry, online banking, e-commerce and digital marketing. I am a digital asset & blockchain enthusiast living in Switzerland. All of my publications reflect my personal opinion and are no financial advise in any sense. Happy to connect via LinkedIn, Twitter


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