NASDAQ – Bitcoin Futures Launch Mid of 2018

Bitcoin futures in 2018? No that’s not a joke, it’s coming down the road as the Wall Street Journal revealed today. Within the first half of 2018, Nasdaq and Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. will make a step forward and list Bitcoin futures while other big players still didnt’t understand the technology and the opportunities behind cryptocurrencies.

Nasdaq stated it will be opening up to cryptocurrency trading which is great news for Bitcoin and its competitors.

The Cryptocurrencies attention increases while they are still not fully understood by the mainstream and some of the big players. The lack of knowledge is covered by statements such as “Cryptos do not have any value, they are backed by nothing and so on…”. The price of Bitcoin surged to USD 11.400 which is an increase of over 1000% in 2018. That is also why some institutions are scared of a possible bubble which might burst. The rise of the Bitcoin price is of course scary if you try to put this “product” into general financial markets basket which simply doesn’t work. That’s the main reason why many of the so called financial experts and almost all of their nice charts, predictions and candlestick parties simply failed!

There are aslo rumors that the two exchanges will list Bitcoin futures among Nasdaq futures on its NFX markets and serving it to traditional traders and investors. Pretty interesting is also the fact that the Nasdaq contracts are capable to handle so called Bitcoin hard forks in a more elegant way in order to make the trading process more seamless.

One of the main advantages of the Nasdaq move into Bitcoin futures market is to simplify things for investors who want to get involved in cryptocurrency investments and possibly also the topics attached to them.

The US based financial firm, Cantor, also stated that it intends to launch Bitcoin futures and derivatives on its exchange. CEO Shawn Matthews told WSJ:

“The asset class is not going away. If you look at the next level, it will be the institutions coming in and being larger participants in the marketplace, especially as liquidity gets better.”

Cantor’s futures exchange has been already approved by the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). It seems like Bitcoin and cryptos are getting more serious than anybody has been expected as other major exchanges such as Nodal Exchange are also investigating the possibility of listing crypto futures.

What we see is comparable to the invention of the internet and we are in the earliest stage of it. It’s a fact that the more the regulated institutions get involved the more legitimacy can be awarded to cryptocurrencies.

Thorsten Burger
Thorsten Burger
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